She is she, her, herself and I

Life is an ever changing experience that just happens – even when you feel like nothing’s happening. I now have new author to read more of and to inspire me on my journey.

Sun. 17 july 2016
I finished reading De Urolige when I visited Lauer. It’s by the author Linn Ullmann and was released in 2015. I got the book for christmas / yeah it takes me quite a while to finished a book.
Her way of writing about life is what I find the most interesting. It’s done in such a easy and beautiful way. She has a way of writing about the presence, past and the future all at ones. The many ways and metaphors to describe life is beautiful – how she sees her own life from so many angles. How she is she, her, herself and I. Without asking questions she makes you wonder. What’s to come? A story with depth seen through the eyes of a girl.I love the simplicity of how it’s told. It’s all about a life. I highly recommend you giving it a shot!  
Ok, bye. Now I need to start reading her second book called Det Dyrebare.
Have a good one!

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