Barefoot in cold water

What a different world we live in today. Went for a morning swim at 8am, finished a book, started a new one. Time enjoyed together, early mornings and a midday walk along the coastline. Watched you end the day the way I started it. x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live HenrietteContinue reading “Barefoot in cold water”

The Sound of Brooklyn tonight

at a time and place like this where music is playing loudly in the background and you stand there – listening present With Fancy Colors & SKY WHITE TIGER x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ Feel free to like & share ↓

the end of a decade

spending the end of a decade here with the ones I missed the most. spending the end of a decade with the tunes of christmas with the candles lit making gingerbread men with the kids seeing them smile. all focused on choosing the right color for the mans eyes. going for walks in the eveningsContinue reading “the end of a decade”

memories from a year that’s gone by

A year has gone by and a new decade has just begun. 2019 consisted of: Trying to take one day at a time. Seeing the beauty in the little things that surround us on an everyday basis. Going to galleries, cafés and exhibitions around Norway, Los Angeles and New York. Turning another year older. TakingContinue reading “memories from a year that’s gone by”

Uadressert reklame – ja takk

12 måneder, en husstand – 36,2 kg uadressert reklame. Papir som vanligvis ville blitt kastet, men som her har blitt brukt på en ny og kreativ måte. Dette bare på et år – og for en husstand. En slik utstilling setter søkelys på mengden avfall hver husstand produserer hvert år. Hvordan hver og en kanContinue reading “Uadressert reklame – ja takk”

Finally you are here

December – I’m happy you are here With the Christmas markets, kids singing in the streets and the cold settling in. The time in New York is coming to an end. With everything that entails – indeed also moments of joy. Been months on the go. Now a white Christmas in Norway awaits. Hope youContinue reading “Finally you are here”

Walking the streets of Brooklyn at night

At the end of autumn. Whilst listening to a podcast. Don’t wanting to miss a thing – you walk. You look from side to side – onto the streets of Brooklyn. The streets with their own charm. You fill your mind up again. With a sense of ease. Walking the streets of Brooklyn at night.Continue reading “Walking the streets of Brooklyn at night”

New York, Frank Sinatra and change

Autumn in New York. Just like the song in which Frank Sinatra sings so beautifully. Just like that song – you fall more deeply in love with the season of autumn. Autumn in New York. Or in any city where you can feel the seasons changing. The leaves changing color. People dressing in layers. WalkingContinue reading “New York, Frank Sinatra and change”

How it feels being back / New York

The buildings as beautiful as when I left  The colors – the light as the sun sets It smells the same way I remembered  People I haven’t seen in 3-5 years – meeting again  The city has not changed Just as vibrant – at some times overwhelming – but always elegant How it feel beingContinue reading “How it feels being back / New York”