A memory on tape

I am currently writing in my diary, looking out into the rain. About to pull the curtains together and snuggle up and watch a movie. I recently started posting videos on youtube as a way for me to publish my edits for myself to see later or whoever want to see a bit of what’s on my mind.

It’s a great way for me to film and edit, which I really like doing. I am not trying to push any of this on you but I just wanted to share a bit of my passion with the ones that are interested in seeing it. My first video is all about my stay at the lighthouse and the island Lauer. I adore the beauty of this place and would love to go back. Maybe next summer. We’ll see. I also made on about 17/08/16 and Foam. If you’re ever interested in checking out what my curious mind put together, here’s the link:



Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
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15 thoughts on “A memory on tape

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate it.
      Not studying right now. Currently balancing three jobs whilst writing, capturing moments and editing.
      Feel free to share the videos with your friends and family if you want to.
      What are you up to these days?


      1. So you’re not working now? To be honest I am having a bit of a difficulty graduating from college, it’s tough and I lack motivation but I really wish to be a film maker but it’s pretty unrealistic in the place I live in


      2. I have three jobs and this is my passion and hobby.
        What and for how long have you been studying? Keep your head held high and try your very best – but always remember to do whatever makes you happy!
        Oh you do? What kind of movies would you want to make and have you made any yet?


      3. I’ve been in college for 2 years now, but it’s really hectic I study physics chem math and econs, what did you used to study? Yea since I was a young kid I wanted to be a director of a movie but this dream seems pretty impossible. I’ve made vlogs only not exactly the kind of films I want to make. What software do you use? I really wish to make films with a strong meaning behind it mostly about controversial issues and capture life.


      4. I used to study media, drama, communication and acting.
        Don’t give up on York dream of directing – your voice is just as important as anyone else. I like the way you’re thinking so keep up the good work. Is there anywhere I can see jour blogspot and work?


      5. I make vids for leisure and for documenting, never publish them, I’m really trying to pass college to go Uni right now, but if I don’t I guess I’ll need to find an alternative route. Yea if I really go Amsterdam I hope to see the flowers bloom or smth like that. I hope I really do graduate from college well so I can explore Amsterdam with my mom 🙂


      6. Where do you live? Planning to go Amsterdam in the next year? Wondering if you know of any nice places to visit!


    1. Thank you! It began with me having a desire to document moments. Everything brainstorming an idea to shooting the videos and editing gives me so much joy. It’s just a hobby. Hope you’re having a beautiful day


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