Let’s greet them

We are traveling the world to find answers to our questions. We are traveling the world to survive. 

They are traveling the world to survive – to give themselves a better life. They send their kids to a safer place in search of a brighter tomorrow.

We, as the human beings of this crazy, wonderful and scary world, should be able to see the world from different anglees. How can you look at a kids face and turn him or her around and send them all the way back to a place that you know ain’t safe?

Being a person in this world comes with a thousand questions of where we came from, what our intentions are and where we are going. All these questions combined are what makes the world so beautiful. You won’t always find an answer to your question but might just be the thrill of it all.

Let’s open our arms and greet them. Open your eyes to see a world full of coincidence, stories, trust your own opinions and be open for change. There is so much more to this world than what you read on the news.

x Live Henriette©

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