San Francisco with you was beautiful

San Francisco with you was beautiful. x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ Feel free to like & share ↓

what’s your happiest memory?

I wanted to share with you my new series The Answers You Gave Me. Hope you find it interesting. Grateful for the people who shared their stories. What is your happiest memory? Do let me know. Feel free to share the video with who you think might benefit from being asked this question – orContinue reading “what’s your happiest memory?”

Through the eyes of a fisherman

Sitting by the river. Having time to reflect and watch people go by. I am having a good feeling within. We followed the river almost to it’s end. Met my mothers uncle along the way and got to spend some time with him – which was nice indeed. We ate lunch at Åpent Bakeri. AContinue reading “Through the eyes of a fisherman”