Soon he will be dreaming in Norwegian

You might be unsure if you like me being here but soon I as well will be dreaming in Norwegian.

There are over 65 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. 65 million individuals.

In 2016 12 147 immigrant came to Norway.

Your neighbor’s kid is currently crying because her future is taken away from her.

The house she lived in and felt safe in is no longer her truth.

They came at night to say you’re out.

On the other side of the street a father, a mother and a son has been sailing the seas of Greece for days

They arrived in their new house a couple of days ago

and are the friendliest ones around

They all are allowed to stay

What’s the difference between them and the neighbor girl who was only looking forward to seeing her friends in the morning?

Well soon they’ll be dreaming in Norwegian

Millions of immigrants who wants to be saved.

Try to see the person behind the face. Try to see the kid who got his or her dream shattered when someone bombed their town.

Your neighbor might not be your twin, but you are way more alike than you think


Leo Ajkic made a documentary about people escaping their own countries and lives in search for a brighter future. It is called Flukt = Escape.

It inspired me to write this little thing.

Try to see us all just as worthy of anything as you – because we are.

Soon you’ll get new neighbors with different backgrounds than you. Soon they’ll be dreaming in Norwegian.

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I have been writing this post for months scared of how to put my words together to really tell what I want to say. Hope I did it justice .

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
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