Crime, easter eggs and watching the sunrise

Happy Easter!

 For me spending time with family and friends is the most valuable thing. When the holidays comes around a lot of us get more time of to really be together. I don’t mind waking up early, taking Leo out for a walk watching the sunrise, listening to the birds sing and then coming home for breakfast.

In Norway the typical Easter consist of skiing, being outside in the beautiful sun, easter eggs, watching/reading crime, eating oranges and our famous chocolate Kvikk Lunsj, being with friends and family and just relaxing.

My week has been pretty hectic but calm at the same time. Several visits to different cafes, baking (A sunday spent bakingNorwegian waffles), catching up with friends and family, taking pictures, making drinks (Tasty waterOrange and cinnamon drink), buying plants for the greenhouse (greenhouse) and most of all seeing the beauty that comes with spring. Here are a few pictures I captured during this week.


Loc: Galleri Soon / Meierigården

Art by Arne Samuelsen.


/ At home /


How did you spend Spring break and Easter?

x Live Henriette ©

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