10 people in a cabin by the sea

July 20.

I don’t really know what time it is. Probably between 9-10AM. The Norwegian radio show Reiseradioen has just begun. That’s how I know approximately what time it is.

We had a barbeque last night. Down by the water. Watching the sun set.

It poured down when we arrived but as we were about to light the grill – it all disappeared and the clouds decided to open up and let the sun shine through.

My grandfather and I went down to the water this morning. Me standing on the pavement in my woolen clothes. Him taking his daily morning swim. Cold and refreshing

This summer we rented an old but lovely cabin right by the sea. Oslofjordens friluftsråd and their big variety of cabins and lighthouses has become one of our annual summer highlights.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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