A mountain getaway

Waking up in a cabin in the mountains. Feeling the cold breeze coming through the window. My feet tucked under the duvet. Maybe I’ll just stay here for a few more minutes. Just a few more minutes.

Want to make the most out of this day. Being mindful in the way I move and do what I can to make it a good one. We’ll probably go for a walk. We will probably witness the autumnal beauty outside the window and enjoy the warmth of the fireplace when we come back inside. My ears will probably be as cold as the breeze coming through the window right now but that’s okay. It will be okay soon. 

As the seasons change this place continues to surprise me with it’s beautiful nature. And for the first time this season the pavement outside the cabin is covered in snow. 

Memories I treasure. As seen in last years video about the same place. Just in a different season.
Love, Live

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
x Live Henriette ©
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