the sound of the ocean waves

july 1st

the birds are singing as I turn the page in the book I’m currently reading.

laying on an air mattress as I wait to buy a new one. switched it out yesterday.

went for a swim in the lake. first of the year.

the lovely smell of the sea. the sound of people laughing, jumping into the water. the sound of the waves as they hit the shore. yet another day where the sun strikes my fair skin.

now I’m enjoying spending time with my family. a grateful feeling within.

july 6 

the garden is full of family members gathered for a family picnic.

happy to spend quality time with them.

a basket of strawberries has been bought for the occasion. just like we always do.

july 9

sun factor 50 smeared all over my bare face.

laying on my white and blue striped towel on a sun bed outside in our breakfast spot.

28 degrees, the wasps are buzzing and luckily the wind is warm enough so that it’s possible to sit outside and enjoy what is.

the ice cream truck is driving down the main road in the village. I guess you can call it a village in a way.

I can hear it by the tunes their playing. it has been the same tune as it was 20 years ago.


we ended up going to the beach.

seeing them slowly walk into the blue water. a beautiful sight.

a beautiful picture for the mind.

I spy three sailboats sailing in the background.

july 19th

we arrived yesterday to the cabin by the sea. gathered to spend long summer days together.

four rooms on a little island.

surrounded by boats, cabins and people enjoying the heat. A heat like no summer before has had.

one meter away from the ocean. my turn to go for a swim I guess.

light tunes playing on the radio. ¨but I ain’t turning back to living that old life no more¨. okay.

brushing my teeth outside.

having the first thing you do in the morning be to put on some clothes and go for a walk to the bathroom. yes because out here there’s only an outdoor toilet.

been offline for a while.

the sound of the waves against the shore.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
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