A countryside marathon

Photo: Live Henriette H. Almvik

Photo: Live Henriette H. Almvik

Photo: Live Henriette H. AlmvikPhoto: André VeibyPhoto: Live Henriette H. Almvik

Photo: Live Henriette H. AlmvikPhoto: Live Henriette H. Almvik

On Saturday a marathon was held in our hometown. People came from all over the country to run and to be a part of the event. Over 250 people showed up and ran. A great accomplishment I would say – first time having a countryside marathon being arranged here.

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If you have the desire to run – there’s not much that can stop you from being a part of this community. People of all ages showed up. Jan Billy and Ronny, the ones who arranged the marathon, had a great end goal to the event. It’s not about the time you finish on but coming together and doing your part as best as you can and want.

Photo: Live Henriette H. Almvik

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Great seeing the faces of the ones finishing their race.

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Photo: Live Henriette H. Almvik

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It’s been over 40 years since an event like this has been thrown at this stadium. In the 70’s being the last time.

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Congrats on your 100th marathon Jan Billy! And congrats Ronny on your 50th. It was a great jubilee marathon.

Whether you ran a marathon or 420m – or if you worked as a volunteer or attended as a bystander – we hope you enjoyed the day out in the sun with us all.

The event was arranged at our local sports ground which was opened in 2016.

All photos taken by André Veiby and Live Henriette H. Almvik

Supported by Rema 1000, Røde Kors and Kråkstad Idrettslag.

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