Inflatable mattresses and kind strangers

Sitting in a picnic chair feeling the sun strike my fair skin.

One night spent in a tent.
One mattress down.
A green and a red tie tied around my right wrist.
My short hair is being lifted by the breeze of the wind.
Like a city of houses we sit in-between a 1000 tents.
The sun shining on us with the only thing between us being a sun factor 25.
The cooler is full of water, watermelon and chocolate.
Fell asleep to a danish never ending drinking song. A true lullaby. Wouldn’t you say?

Two nights spent in a tent.
More music heard.
More people seen.
More songs sung.

Two mattresses down.
Good we have blankets from our yoga class this morning.


As cold as last night was I couldn’t not have a cup of tea.
Manage to find a guy who would lend us some water and a kettle.
He rents out small cabins for festivals and travels around the world doing just that.
The warmth of the tea warmed our bodies and then we woke up – the sun had already rosen up giving us all a bright and heated day.


One more nights to go and I am looking forward to it.

All shot by Samsung NX3300

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
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