Between two glaciers she sits

She is sitting right between two glaciers.

One that folds itself down the fjord.

The other one with its lines leaning towards the sun.

At 5:00AM the sun came rising up and I stood there by the fjords waiting.

The colour of the sky • my favourite shade of blue.

The contrast between that specific shade of blue, the white soft snow on the top of the mountains and the warm orange toned light that the sun brought in the morning was something rather special. At least through the eyes and mind of me.





A few weeks back my sister and I drove across Norway to a place called Fjærland. It is located in Sogn og Fjordane, a beautiful part of Norway.

We stayed at the Fjærland Fjordstove hotel by the fjords. Seeing the sunrise from a place like that gives you this inspiring feeling of endless thoughts. With it’s 15 unique and all different rooms, either facing the fjords, mountains or the glacier, we couldn’t wake up not having a pretty sight to see.

We were served a three course dinner right after Bård, the owner, had told us a bit about the hotel as well as the small town. A delicious creamy soup with nuts were served to us as the first course. The best soup I’ve had. And I’ve tried a lot of soups – trust me. The contrast between nuts and a creamy soup made to a delicious meal. All the courses are made and based of around local products.




I do find it inspiring how they believe food is so much more than what is on your plate. As they so nicely put it: It is the whole process, from history of the land, to the farmers, to how it is grown, where it comes from, when it is available, and the creativity involved in turning valuable ingredients into a meal. Local fish, beef, honey, dairy, potatoes and my favourite the herb garden. Just to mention a few. Simple, delicate and wholesome food.

To be able to see where the food is from whilst eating is calming. The beautiful surroundings and landscape makes you enjoy and be more grateful for the way it is so beautifully done. The food served as well thought through. Generations of farmers, years of growth, hours of dedication, cooking and consideration – all for this little moment in time

Not to mention the breakfast served at the hotel. I don’t mind having this as my breakfast table view.

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We went for a stroll through the idyllic village and book town, rowed out on the water, ate lunch by the water and sat solving sudoku at the bay. This town offers other great experiences to try out, such as the possibility to go zip-lining, hike the many mountains, cross the glacier and visit the Glacier museum.

Other than rowing Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel offers a personal fishing trip, kayaking and guided boat tours of the historic farming villages along the fjord.

The small town is known as the city of books ever since the year I was born – 1995. It is the eight boomtown in the world and the first one in Scandnavia. The town stocks about 2.5 miles of shelving, filled with books, in a variety of abandoned buildings. From stables, ferry waiting rooms, post office, grocery store and local banks. These old buildings makes the shops rather exceptional.


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The hotel was built in 1937. 15 rooms, all of which are different. All of the rooms are nicely furnished and non of them have mini-bars nor televisions – which I kinda like. We stayed in the room with a thousand stories surrounding the bed.




fullsizeoutput_17fbSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The experience of being there was beautiful. I therefore wanted to share this story with you. We should celebrate and share the love of life through everything we do.
I will never complain about having a view like we did in Fjærland.
Thanks for having us Bård!

Want to see the place in action / here is what I shot for Fjærland Fjordstove Hotel

Want to read more about Fjærland Fjordstove or the city of Fjærland itself – here are a few helpful tips:

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
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