Merry everything and a happy always

We’re two weeks into 2017 and I would like to highlight some of my wishes for the new year.

This year I thought I would write down a few things that are important to me and that I hopefully will make happen this year. I challenge you to help spread awareness about something that’s important to you! Personally I will help raise awareness around cancer and how important it is to check yourself and listen to your own body.

Here’s my little list

2017: I would like to

  • Explore Dublin
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Camp outside
  • Explore more of Norway
  • Go to museums more often
  • Don’t rush ANYTHING
  • Enjoy long nights and stay up late
  • Travel and get to explore new places and things
  • Make the greenhouse actually into a greenhouse
  • Enjoy what the different seasons has to offer
  • Get to know new wonderful people
  • Let new opportunities come and take them
  • Listen to myself

So let’s see how that goes. Maybe you found some interesting. Let me know some of your New Year Resolutions down below.

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
x Live Henriette ©
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