A Christmas letter

I want to write more. Want to capture moment the old way. Put photograph in albums and sit in front of the fireplace looking at them.

Christmas was spent at home with my family. Each year we pick out our Christmas tree from the local guy at our local food store, we watch some good old Christmas tv shows, light a candle at church, get family over etc. This year was no different – except I started the holiday of with being sick. We also found our Christmas tree in 4 minutes and not 45 like we usually do (I used to really know exactly how I wanted our Christmas tree to look and it always ended up being taller than your ceiling so that we had to cut it). Christmas is now over and it’s January 7th 2017.

During Christmas I sat down by the kitchen counter to write some letters. I wrote letters to a few of my close family members and a friend as well as an old teacher of mine. Hopefully she found it charming and not creepy. What’s inside of those letters, that’s for me and the people who received them to know.


We ate rice porridge as we do every 23th of December. We listened to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers Christmas cd. That has since as long as I can remember been my favorite Christmas cd.


We decorated my grandfathers Christmas tree the week before Christmas and started wrapping the presents ready for Christmas Eve. Here in Norway we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and on Christmas morning my family get together and eat Christmas brunch at my grandfathers. Looking at old photos in photo albums really is something I find so soothing. Remembering what’s truly important is something we all need at times.


Hope you all had a great Christmas. Happy New Year! Make it a good one

Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
x Live Henriette ©
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