Cold mist appears when I breathe

Sep 18 / 9:36 pm

Seeing the moon on the black painted sky
So dark yet I can see so much.
The contour of the house against the dark faded background.
The rooftop window lights up as a brick in the sky.
Never been anywhere were the stars shine so bright
Round dots in the sky just like the light bulbs hanging from the trees and inside the greenhouse.
My bare ankles are starting to freeze. My mind’s full of wonder.
It’s pitch black but I can still see myself breathing.
Sitting at the black bench you used to sit on – now in an empty greenhouse.
I got my rain boots on. It’s been 19 degrees today, and it sep 18. A 100 years since its been this hot this time of year.
Now cold mist appears when I breathe.
From the outside all you can see is a beautiful string of lights – but sitting here inside in the dark – it’s like a thousand stars shining around you.
I can see the craters on the moon.
I don’t mind sitting here a little while more.


Hope you’re having a wonderful day!
x Live Henriette ©
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