Why it does not have to be in focus

It’s been one of those day trip days! We went into the city to check out the new exhibition at the Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo.  Here’s what I captured:

(more of my thoughts further down – beneath the pictures)


To be fair the #AlexIsrael exhibition didn’t do me any justice but the original Astrup Fearnley collection, The World is Made of Stories was great! All the absurd and wonderful art that’s there really provokes and makes you think and talk! That’s good art to me. I’ve already seen quite a few of the paintings and sculptures represented at the museum but seeing it here in Oslo with different surroundings (and it’s been a while to say it at least) makes me look at it with a refreshed mind. I remember the feeling of strolling around museums with my mom and dad, at the age of 10. A lot of my interests are the same, but at the same time a lot has changed (of course). When you enter this exhibition you’ll be met by everything from a yellow smiley drawn on the wall, a cow that’s been chopped in two, statues of human beings and beautiful paintings and photographies. It’s a beautiful museum.
If you ever want to catch the #AlexIsrael exhibition – it’s open until 11.09.16 and the The World is Made of Stories is open until the end of this year.

What’s one museum in the world you recommend visiting? Let me know!
Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

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