Expect a miracle

Yesterday my family and I went to the Kistefos Museum in mid Norway. We went to two guided tours around the museum and got a great sneak peek of what the location was previously used for and what the Art Hall had to offer. 
What a beautiful place! The museum consists of The Industrial Museum, The Sculpture Park and The Art Hall. Whenever you get hungry they have an idyllic cafe you can visit. They focus on quality and tasty ingredients! They serve waffles, tea, coffee, wine, beer and meals served both indoors and outdoors. What’s so great about art is that there’s no right or wrong definition of what you see. Each and every one who witness it will create their own idea of what it means to them.

The Industrial Museum
The collection consists of buildings, machines and various tools and objects, all of which are used to tell stories about the work situation at the factory area of the Kistefos Pulp Mill. The Pulp Mill produced wood pulp, used in the European paper industry. In the museum, the story is told about the work done in the factory. 
The Art Hall 
The present exhibition is called Reflection and it’s by the great Danish artist Jeppe Hein. He uses simple shapes and materials such as neon and watercolours and mirrors. By creating a space for both active play and mindful contemplation Jeppe Hein wants to sharpen our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings, which I love. I love the idea of the unknown and having to reflect upon our actions and thoughts. 
For me this hall is full of expressions and feelings, both for one persons inner life and outer life. You mind, body and surroundings. 


The Sculpture Park
Hein presents a large, permanent installation, Path of Silence, as a part of The Sculpture Park. The park consist of 34 contemporary sculptures, which can be experienced in close interaction with the beautiful and peaceful nature. You’ll find some of the most famous international and Norwegian artist in this park. You will have to explore the park and be present to notice all the art that’s surrounding you. The different sculptures will amaze, provoke or just be a pleasant experience for the eye and your mind. 



I admire the people who ask questions about life, the meaning of being here and yeah ask questions! 
Hope you had a great day and 4th of July for all you Americans!
Feel free to like and share this post with the rest of the world – let this place inspire someone else 🙂 â†“
x Live Henriette Â©

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