A vision I believe in

I wanted to share with you my favorite store to get organic juice and honey in Norway. My family always buys organic juice from a place called Askim Bærpresseri. You can also bring fruit from your own garden and deliver it to them, then they’ll make the juice for you.
Their vision is to take care of what’s real and healthy. The juice is made by pure apples. Nothing else added. Isn’t that great? I think so. They also sell organic jam, tea and so on. What more could you ask for? And this year they celebrate 80 years in production. 1936-2016.
You can also recycle the glass bottles and fill it up with more juice. My favorites are their original apple juice and Kjartan’s raspberry honey. Here’s two recipe which I used their products: sparkling apple drink and orange and honey sauce






“Blueberries are good for your stomach and vision, memory and life itself”



I drink a bit of this every single day to boost my mind and body. It has such a fresh and delicious taste of blueberries, since it’s just pure blueberries 😉 

x Live Henriette ©
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