New York: 2015

Hi! I spend over 3 months in New York last year and my love for the city grew every day I spend walking around exploring. 


The West Village is by far my favorite part of New York City. There’s something special about the vibe it gives you. Surrounded by beautiful parks, apartments, art and people, no wonder why I fell in love with that city. I would often go down to the highline and just walk around looking at the city. 




I lived close to union square and I am so happy I did! It’s the perfect place to sit down and relax or listen to street artist while reading a book. Be sure to check out their farmers market every monday, wednesday, friday and saturday. They’ve got something for everyone! Union Square lies in the center of the city, close to Times Square, Flat iron, West Village and Washiongton Square Park. 

Food spots: Beyond Sushi, Breads Bakery, Beecher's Handmade Cheese, Craft Bar, City Crab Shack, Newsbar, Think Coffee, Milk Bar, Argo Tea Cafe, Max Brenner





Go watch the sunset down at Battery Park! Walk down to the river, relax and see the sun go down into the ocean. In the distance you’ll see the Statue of Liberty, it’s just a boat ride away. 

Fancy a drink or the best fries in the city? Well that’s my opinion 🕊 Check out: Pier A Harbor House 




If you ever feel like visiting something completely different from nyc skyscraper, take the subway over to Brooklyn! Visit the one of the many inspiring cafees or watch a game at the Barclays Center. If you fancy visiting the most quiet place in the city, green-wood cemetery is beautiful during the spring. The flowers that blossom in march are so amazing. 



My desire to go back is strong! I’ll have to plan a trip soon.

Do you have any spots in NYC to recommend? Let me know!

x Live Henriette

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