New York, Frank Sinatra and change

Autumn in New York. Just like the song in which Frank Sinatra sings so beautifully. Just like that song – you fall more deeply in love with the season of autumn. Autumn in New York. Or in any city where you can feel the seasons changing. The leaves changing color. People dressing in layers. WalkingContinue reading “New York, Frank Sinatra and change”

– Sunset and skaters – Los Angeles vlog 2

Seeing the skaters at Venice Boardwalk, the sunset from the 70th floor of a building in Downtown and spending time with new people and relatives. This was the end of my time in Los Angeles. Next up: San Francisco x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ Feel free to likeContinue reading “– Sunset and skaters – Los Angeles vlog 2”

Walking the Pier late at night / VLOG

Sitting on a towel on Brighton beach. I’m wearing my black Nikes and my grandmothers vintage skirt. I’m looking at the people bathing. As it wasn’t even cold. My curls are dancing in the warm wind. The Brighton Pier is beautiful and white in the 5PM sun. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x LiveContinue reading “Walking the Pier late at night / VLOG”

the sound of the ocean waves

july 1st the birds are singing as I turn the page in the book I’m currently reading. laying on an air mattress as I wait to buy a new one. switched it out yesterday. went for a swim in the lake. first of the year. the lovely smell of the sea. the sound of peopleContinue reading “the sound of the ocean waves”

A year in three minutes

Memories and stories from 2016 all put together in a three minute long video. I edited a video dedicated to last year – inspired by my What a year / 2016 post. It took me a while to post but now it’s here. You can sit and edit for ages but now that it’s live IContinue reading “A year in three minutes”

A memory on tape

I am currently writing in my diary, looking out into the rain. About to pull the curtains together and snuggle up and watch a movie. I recently started posting videos on youtube as a way for me to publish my edits for myself to see later or whoever want to see a bit of what’s onContinue reading “A memory on tape”

Almond and capers pesto

Hello! Todays recipe is an almond and capers pesto. It’s so easy and tastes amazing!