Finally you are here

December – I’m happy you are here With the Christmas markets, kids singing in the streets and the cold settling in. The time in New York is coming to an end. With everything that entails – indeed also moments of joy. Been months on the go. Now a white Christmas in Norway awaits. Hope youContinue reading “Finally you are here”

this morning

When I woke up this morning and put my bare feet on the cold wooden floor I saw the sun create a pattern I’ve missed. I’ve missed seeing the light paint its strokes on the ground. When winter comes it is like nature stops for a second. Just for us to make room for appreciation.Continue reading “this morning”

A guide to Copenhagen

A city so vibrant and present. Spending four months living in Copenhagen has showed me more of the Scandinavian way of living. If you’re in need of some inspiration, where to go or what to explore – here is what stood out to me during my stay.

Greenhouse inspiration

My family and I are getting a greenhouse this spring. Here are a few of the many beautiful inspiring pictures I found for the project.