amongst the trees / a treehouse story

There’s not a lot of places where nothing but the sound of the birds in the morning is all you hear. A cup of tea on a wooden table. Half way through a book. The trees dancing in the wind. Like an old painting moving. Located in the southern Norway you will find three uniqueContinue reading “amongst the trees / a treehouse story”

the sound of the ocean waves

july 1st the birds are singing as I turn the page in the book I’m currently reading. laying on an air mattress as I wait to buy a new one. switched it out yesterday. went for a swim in the lake. first of the year. the lovely smell of the sea. the sound of peopleContinue reading “the sound of the ocean waves”

Highlights of Dublin / A Dublin guide

Now being back home from Dublin and having had time to reflect – these are the places in the city that I would recommend: Oliver St. John Gogarty A pub with great live music and kind staff. Of course Guinness is their hit but their options go beyond that. Adresse: 18-21 Anglesea St, Temple Bar PoenixContinue reading “Highlights of Dublin / A Dublin guide”

flew south

Mid day, 5/4-18. Right before the clock turned five. Enjoying the sun that warms my body as I lay on a sunbed in Marbella – on the blue soft blanket the guy by the pool gave us as we arrived four days ago. Almost finished my book, solved some sudoku and enjoyed the company ofContinue reading “flew south”

A guide to Copenhagen

A city so vibrant and present. Spending four months living in Copenhagen has showed me more of the Scandinavian way of living. If you’re in need of some inspiration, where to go or what to explore – here is what stood out to me during my stay.


An oases of peoples love for silence and warmth. Something so fragile about this place. Fragile in a nice way that is. To the people I met on my stroll through the botanical garden – hope you are doing well. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: LiveContinue reading “Oase”

At the corner of the world

Photographing Verdenshjørnet gave me a true feeling of the present moment. Meeting interesting and lovely people and seeing us all together in a such a small place. A small place dedicated to bring small bits from around the world to the people of Copenhagen. / Verdenshjørnet in Copenhagen. A foodcourt in the midst of Nørrebro.Continue reading “At the corner of the world”

2 hours at a street corner

Creating a piece and making the place you chose yours. Seeing what comes and what goes. At the corner of the street – a 2 hours shoot. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ Feel free to like & share ↓