10 people in a cabin by the sea

July 20. I don’t really know what time it is. Probably between 9-10AM. The Norwegian radio show Reiseradioen has just begun. That’s how I know approximately what time it is. We had a barbeque last night. Down by the water. Watching the sun set. It poured down when we arrived but as we were aboutContinue reading “10 people in a cabin by the sea”

My birthday in Brighton

We celebrated my birthday in Brighton this summer. Had dinner at the Ivy which was beautiful. We walked through the city and ended the day at the Brighton Pier watching the sunset. The atmosphere made me feel at ease. Made me feel like I could be present. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x LiveContinue reading “My birthday in Brighton”

A day by the sea / resö

Each summer we go on a road trip to Resö, Sweden and stop by the lovely Panget Café. This year was no different. We sat down, read our books and just enjoyed the calm atmosphere that is Resö. The video shows how our trip last summer went. And here are the posts written from ourContinue reading “A day by the sea / resö”

Come what may / Syvota vlog

Lying beneath trees that smell of thyme. Dipping my toes in the pool overlooking the ocean between Italy and Greece. Yoga at the roof top. The sound of the birds in the background. Never have I ever smelled roses like this – walking down to the beach. I can see the ocean from where IContinue reading “Come what may / Syvota vlog”

spring morning routine

A morning like this is one that I love. This is what our spring morning routine at Hotel Kong Arthur looked like. Including the products we use every day but – the routine varies as this is our travel routine. products used skincare Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Atelier Rebul Rose Atelier Rebul Amber makeup TonjeContinue reading “spring morning routine”

personal memories of copenhagen

We had a lovely trip to Copenhagen documenting a beautiful hotel, the gardens surrounding it – as well as getting to spend some time together in a city we both love. A video, diary and guide, will be up on the 28th of april. On Friday a spring morning routine will go live on youtube.Continue reading “personal memories of copenhagen”

letting go of the year

2018 brought to us the memories that we will treasure. The memories that scraped our existence and is now a scar on our skin. It brought to us what we have yet to say and what hopefully made us closer. the new experiences that non of us saw coming. and the ones we treasure the most.Continue reading “letting go of the year”

Reading in the park and late mornings at the hotel

Listening to a little boy playing with his mother. They are sitting next to me on a bench in Bergen. The sun is shining and it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. Orange and yellow flowers are blooming between us and the pond. When paying attention you can smell them. Two elderly men just sat beside me.Continue reading “Reading in the park and late mornings at the hotel”

lying down, listening / resö

it’s no longer 34 degrees.  it’s 22 and the wind has its way of tangling my hair.  the sun greets us once again.  here on a day trip. just like we do each year. the same beach, the same place, the same lovely café. a place I don’t mind being disconnected from the world at. Continue reading “lying down, listening / resö”

Somewhere they can’t find us

  Let’s go somewhere they can’t find us. A place close to home. A place where childhood memories lies.        Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ Feel free to like & share ↓

By the sea

four rooms on a little island. surrounded by boats, cabins and people enjoying the heat. A heat like no summer before has had. one meter away from the ocean.  / as written in my diary post about our four days in a cabin by the sea. If you want to read more out of ourContinue reading “By the sea”