Barefoot in cold water

What a different world we live in today. Went for a morning swim at 8am, finished a book, started a new one. Time enjoyed together, early mornings and a midday walk along the coastline. Watched you end the day the way I started it. x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live HenrietteContinue reading “Barefoot in cold water”

Barefoot in the sand

Barefoot in the sand – I’m sitting on a red towel. One of those you can take traveling that doesn’t take up any space. I can see the Venice Fishing Pier from where I’m sitting. Behind me in the distance is the Santa Monica Pier which lights up beautiful at night. Thought I have neverContinue reading “Barefoot in the sand”

A day by the sea / resö

Each summer we go on a road trip to Resö, Sweden and stop by the lovely Panget Café. This year was no different. We sat down, read our books and just enjoyed the calm atmosphere that is Resö. The video shows how our trip last summer went. And here are the posts written from ourContinue reading “A day by the sea / resö”