Between two glaciers she sits

She is sitting right between two glaciers. One that folds itself down the fjord. The other one with its lines leaning towards the sun. At 5:00AM the sun came rising up and I stood there by the fjords waiting. The colour of the sky • my favourite shade of blue. The contrast between that specific shadeContinue reading “Between two glaciers she sits”

The sound of me writing

The time is 7:37 am on a Saturday and I woke up for about an hour ago. It’s so quiet up here. The only sound I hear is myself writing. Have you heard the sound of no sound – when it’s deadly quiet? I am hearing that too. It took us about three hours toContinue reading “The sound of me writing”

A memory on tape

I am currently writing in my diary, looking out into the rain. About to pull the curtains together and snuggle up and watch a movie. I recently started posting videos on youtube as a way for me to publish my edits for myself to see later or whoever want to see a bit of what’s onContinue reading “A memory on tape”