Up to the mountains we go

As a kid I always used to bring a snack and a thermos in my backpack when I was out in nature – whether that was in the Norwegian mountains or camping in the woods. I’m still like that and this trip was no different.

A year worth of blueberries

Each year my family gets together and goes out into the woods to pick fresh berries. it’s a great way to have access to all sorts of berries all year around. Blueberries, raspberries, cloudberries and lingonberries. Whatever you like. We purify and freeze them and they’re ready to go. We spent about three hours in theContinue reading “A year worth of blueberries”

A vision I believe in

I wanted to share with you my favorite store to get organic juice and honey in Norway. My family always buys organic juice from a place called Askim Bærpresseri. You can also bring fruit from your own garden and deliver it to them, then they’ll make the juice for you.

Sparkling apple drink

It’s 21 °C outside and the sun is shining. Need a drink to cool you down or celebrate all the great things about spring? Fresh and delicious apple drink to serve with your favorite spring dish or as a welcome drink for a spring party. Without alcohol, but with lots of flavor!