An apartment in Winchcombe / cotswolds memories

Here are a few personal memories captured on our trip to Winchcombe. The English countryside is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. It fulfilled all of my wishes. I wrote a guide to the Cotswolds with everything you need to know about this beautiful place. You’ll find it here. Thank you forContinue reading “An apartment in Winchcombe / cotswolds memories”

Strawberry picking, afternoon tea and the beautiful English countryside + vlog

The English countryside was just how I thought it was going to be. Dainty, old and accurate to my imagination. Amazed by the beauty we passed as we drove through the streets and old roads of Cotswold to reach our airbnb in Winchcombe. Bourton-on-the-water Such a dainty little town. Just by the canals you’ll findContinue reading “Strawberry picking, afternoon tea and the beautiful English countryside + vlog”

Lost in the Lanes, pub and white lingerie / A GUIDE TO BRIGHTON

What a unique and beautiful place! Here are our highlights of places worth seeing in Brighton: Brighton Pier A beautiful sight watching the sun set from the Pier. It has been acknowledged to be the finest pier ever built – and I can see why. The Pier stems back to 1899, 120 years ago. 20Continue reading “Lost in the Lanes, pub and white lingerie / A GUIDE TO BRIGHTON”

Walking the Pier late at night / VLOG

Sitting on a towel on Brighton beach. I’m wearing my black Nikes and my grandmothers vintage skirt. I’m looking at the people bathing. As it wasn’t even cold. My curls are dancing in the warm wind. The Brighton Pier is beautiful and white in the 5PM sun. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x LiveContinue reading “Walking the Pier late at night / VLOG”

The London Guide / everything you need to know

London can be such a great place to visit. Especially if you have looked into a few places to visit in advance. With parks, dainty boutiques and a great variety of cafés – London is somewhere worth a visit! Farm Girl Great variety of breakfast, lunch and all day dishes. The colors they’ve used inContinue reading “The London Guide / everything you need to know”


Here are our highlights of places worth seeing in Copenhagen: Hotel Kong Arthur What a beautiful boutique hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. Elegant and calm. Friendly staff, clean and we could not ask for a better location to spend our nights. Close to the city center, the lakes and my favourite, the botanical garden.Continue reading “A GUIDE TO COPENHAGEN”

Highlights of Dublin / A Dublin guide

Now being back home from Dublin and having had time to reflect – these are the places in the city that I would recommend: Oliver St. John Gogarty A pub with great live music and kind staff. Of course Guinness is their hit but their options go beyond that. Adresse: 18-21 Anglesea St, Temple Bar PoenixContinue reading “Highlights of Dublin / A Dublin guide”

A guide to Copenhagen

A city so vibrant and present. Spending four months living in Copenhagen has showed me more of the Scandinavian way of living. If you’re in need of some inspiration, where to go or what to explore – here is what stood out to me during my stay.

A flower in my coffee: Amsterdam guide

Only in Amsterdam for a short periode of time? Where should you go? There are so many great places to visit in Amsterdam. So many beautiful buildings, cafés and unique spots to indulge. Here are some of my recommendations when you need that little something extra to pick you up: