personal memories of copenhagen

We had a lovely trip to Copenhagen documenting a beautiful hotel, the gardens surrounding it – as well as getting to spend some time together in a city we both love. A video, diary and guide, will be up on the 28th of april. On Friday a spring morning routine will go live on youtube.Continue reading “personal memories of copenhagen”

And this is where I have moved to

I will meet what now is strangers I will be led into situations I have never experienced I will wake up early exited for the day I will sleep in late not wanting to leave the room But I will do my best I will try to be myself And that’s all I can doContinue reading “And this is where I have moved to”


Walking around in a town that feels honest, real and close yet so strange and distant. Meeting situations, people and wandering places I never thought I would see. Fascinating and so lovely. Thank you for telling me your story. Living in a city all by yourself and having the first task you get at schoolContinue reading “Stranger”