San Francisco with you / VLOG

Did I think that San Francisco was going to be a place in which we would enjoy? Yes – but with all of its history, beautiful architecture and streets – it did indeed exceed my thoughts about the place. Arriving to San Francisco was lovely. Hope you are having a great day. Love, Live xContinue reading “San Francisco with you / VLOG”

The Los Angeles Diaries / vlog

Meeting family in Los Angeles and having them show me the many sides of Los Angeles was lovely. A lot to take in, an experience I’m grateful for. Grateful for the people I met. Hope you find this little piece of diary interesting – maybe Los Angeles is somewhere you want to see? x LiveContinue reading “The Los Angeles Diaries / vlog”

driving taxis at night, rooftop picnic / the states week 1.0

Two weeks has gone by. This was week 1. Arrived in the city late at night and took a taxi to the beverly hills hotel where I met my relatives. The taxi driver was telling me all about the american culture and wondering about how it is to be a girl from scandinavia. – godContinue reading “driving taxis at night, rooftop picnic / the states week 1.0”

Lost in the Lanes, pub and white lingerie / A GUIDE TO BRIGHTON

What a unique and beautiful place! Here are our highlights of places worth seeing in Brighton: Brighton Pier A beautiful sight watching the sun set from the Pier. It has been acknowledged to be the finest pier ever built – and I can see why. The Pier stems back to 1899, 120 years ago. 20Continue reading “Lost in the Lanes, pub and white lingerie / A GUIDE TO BRIGHTON”

A french gem

  Started the easter holidays with a hot beverage at Pascal. A perl that is located five places in the city of Oslo. 1995 was the year of Pascals first confectionery. A true 90’s gem.   Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ FeelContinue reading “A french gem”

Through the eyes of a fisherman

Sitting by the river. Having time to reflect and watch people go by. I am having a good feeling within. We followed the river almost to it’s end. Met my mothers uncle along the way and got to spend some time with him – which was nice indeed. We ate lunch at Åpent Bakeri. AContinue reading “Through the eyes of a fisherman”