My birthday in Brighton

We celebrated my birthday in Brighton this summer. Had dinner at the Ivy which was beautiful. We walked through the city and ended the day at the Brighton Pier watching the sunset. The atmosphere made me feel at ease. Made me feel like I could be present. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x LiveContinue reading “My birthday in Brighton”

flew south

Mid day, 5/4-18. Right before the clock turned five. Enjoying the sun that warms my body as I lay on a sunbed in Marbella – on the blue soft blanket the guy by the pool gave us as we arrived four days ago. Almost finished my book, solved some sudoku and enjoyed the company ofContinue reading “flew south”

Cultures united for Christmas

Saturday Dec. 10. I am sitting around a table with people from all around the world. We’re listening to Christmas music, wrapping presents for the kids parents, rolling marzipan and baking Norwegian Christmas cookies. Bringing different traditions from different cultures together.