10 people in a cabin by the sea

July 20. I don’t really know what time it is. Probably between 9-10AM. The Norwegian radio show Reiseradioen has just begun. That’s how I know approximately what time it is. We had a barbeque last night. Down by the water. Watching the sun set. It poured down when we arrived but as we were aboutContinue reading “10 people in a cabin by the sea”

By the sea

four rooms on a little island. surrounded by boats, cabins and people enjoying the heat. A heat like no summer before has had. one meter away from the ocean.  / as written in my diary post about our four days in a cabin by the sea. If you want to read more out of ourContinue reading “By the sea”

The sound of me writing

The time is 7:37 am on a Saturday and I woke up for about an hour ago. It’s so quiet up here. The only sound I hear is myself writing. Have you heard the sound of no sound – when it’s deadly quiet? I am hearing that too. It took us about three hours toContinue reading “The sound of me writing”

Born with skis on our feet

Personally I grew up with spending quite some time in the mountains. Norwegians are known to be born with skies on our feet but oh well – let’s not say that’s a fact. I’ve spent the last three days in a cabin in mid Norway. Skiing in the Norwegian mountains is something you should experience.Continue reading “Born with skis on our feet”