turn around

An interesting experience having this little film shown on a big building here in Copenhagen. It’s my answer to the task /U Turn/ at Fatamorgana. Hope you’re having a wonderful day! x Live Henriette © Other Places To Find Me: Instagram: LiveHenriette Youtube: Live Henriette ↓ Feel free to like & share ↓


Walking around in a town that feels honest, real and close yet so strange and distant. Meeting situations, people and wandering places I never thought I would see. Fascinating and so lovely. Thank you for telling me your story. Living in a city all by yourself and having the first task you get at schoolContinue reading “Stranger”

City nights in Dubrovnik

25.7.17 I can see mountains in the far away distance. Mountains covered with dry trees. It’s like they’re fading away, turning blue. The sea is warm enough for me to lay on my back floating The sunshine running towards me. My eyes are closed. On page 162 in a book about a girl gone missing.Continue reading “City nights in Dubrovnik”

Memories from Montenegro

It’s burning on the other side of the bay. Planes are flying over us trying to stop the fire on the island next to us. NATO just arrived. The cold breeze and the sound of the aircondition waking us up in the middle of the night. These light white linen sheets covering our bodies. SurroundedContinue reading “Memories from Montenegro”

A year in three minutes

Memories and stories from 2016 all put together in a three minute long video. I edited a video dedicated to last year – inspired by my What a year / 2016 post. It took me a while to post but now it’s here. You can sit and edit for ages but now that it’s live IContinue reading “A year in three minutes”

A memory on tape

I am currently writing in my diary, looking out into the rain. About to pull the curtains together and snuggle up and watch a movie. I recently started posting videos on youtube as a way for me to publish my edits for myself to see later or whoever want to see a bit of what’s onContinue reading “A memory on tape”